Valid, secure: Use of new LTO Electronic Driver’s License (EDL) will begin July 26, 2023

The LTO started rolling out Electronic Driver’s Licenses (EDL) just last week 41. As a means to address the shortage of plastic license cards, the agency has turned to technology and is giving motorists a digitalized copy of their license that they can access through the LTMS Portal. In place of an actual card, this virtual copy is considered valid and legal recognition of its full use is slated before the month ends.

Motorists with a valid Electronic Driver’s License (EDL) can start using it starting July 26, 2023

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A given premise to have your own EDL is that you have to be a duly licensed motorist in the Philippines. That, and you must have a registered account in the LTO’s LTMS Portal. LTO Memorandum Circular No. HAV-2023-2410 will give access to a digitalized license to registered individuals and those who may not have it yet should expect to get theirs by July 26, 2023. That is when the use of the EDL will start being valid.

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“[The] eDL is a valid, secure, and an alternative form of authorization for persons operating motor vehicles. We are launching this as part of the agency’s digitalization,” Hector Villacorta said, LTO Officer-in-Charge Assistant Secretary said. “The eDL will also ensure efficiency in our service,” he added.

There will be no difference between a digitalized license and a regular plastic card license. Holders of the former will still “have the same privileges and responsibilities accorded to holders of a physical driver’s license,” according to the LTO. Of course, being a holder of a valid driver’s license means that a motorist is subject to the same rules on traffic violations, imposition of fines, and penalties, according to the LTO guidelines.

Come July 26, LTO enforcers and all deputized agents will accept the digital license in lieu of a physical license card. This does come with a caveat, though, in that “photographs and screenshots of the eDL will not be recognized by LTO law enforcement officers”. That said, an EDL will only be considered legal if it is accessed by the motorist via the LTO LTMS Portal at the time of apprehension.

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You have to give credit where credit is due, and the LTO did a pretty good job with this adaptation of high technology. Major props to everyone. But we are still wondering what happened to the “Super App” that the DICT is supposed to be developing for the LTO.

Has your EDL been issued to you yet? Now may be a good time to check it out. At least you’ll have it ready if and when you might need it.

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