36 LTO Field Offices cannot issue Driver’s License cards, nor handle any licensing requests… for now…

Some of us have been lucky to spend just a short time at the LTO when renewing our Driver’s Licenses. Apart from new systems, the printing of the physical License card, heck, the entire process of applying for and renewing, takes mere minutes to finish. That is, for all LTO district/extension offices, licensing centers, and driver’s license renewal offices (DLRO) except for the 36 that are listed below.

Certain LTO branches cannot issue Driver’s License cards due to defective laser engravers

Lto Driver's License Defective Laser Engravers Inline 01 Min

Photo: LTO

At least they’re pretty up front about it. In a list that’s updated as of November 30, 2022, the LTO released a list of their offices and centers that are unable to process any licensing transactions because of defective laser engravers. The said engravers are the machines used to print the plastic License cards, and since they are currently “faulty”, the offices listed below won’t be of much help.

Lto Driver's License Defective Laser Engravers Inline 02 Min

Photo: LTO

Above you’ll see a rather comprehensive list (released yesterday) of LTO offices and centers that have fallen inept due to the damaged engravers. Save for Regions 5, 8, and 12 who do not have the facility in the first place, we have specific branches that the LTO is advising the public to not go to these centers for the timebeing; at least until the engravers have been repaired.

Lto Driver's License Renewal Experience Inline 07

There was no timeline indicated as to when these centers will be able to start accepting Driver’s License-related transactions again, but given the sheer number of machines to fix, this will probably take some time. Of course, we hope that won’t be the case. For those who may be due for a trip to the LTO for licensing needs, consider yourselves informed. It’s a bit of a hassle, yes, but hey, no machine can keep running forever, right?

Besides, there are other LTO Driver’s License centers/offices that you can still go to, for sure. For now, let’s just hope the LTO gets to fix all the engravers sooner rather than later.

Mikko Juangco
  1. Good evening sir tanung lang po mag kanu po ba mag pa professional drivers pa dagdag Sana ako code at pa professional kuna Ren po drivers license ko salamat po

  2. Another issue LTO needs to correct is the conversion of foreign drivers licences to Philippine drivers licences, it’s impossible other than a few select offices. There is no reason a foreigner should have to spend 30,000php for airfare to Manila and then three days of hotel expenses just to convert a foreign drivers license, every LTO office in the country should be able to do this. These are the things that will hinder foreign investment into the Philippines.

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