MMDA extends Commonwealth motorcycle lane dry run to last until March 26

The dry run of the exclusive motorcycle lane along Commonwealth Avenue began 11 days ago on March 9. Two weeks hence, it seems that the MMDA has been caught in a bit of a snag. In those days, the number of vehicles, both motorcycles, and 4-wheel-and-above, who did not pay heed to the MC lane actually increased. This prompted the agency to extend the dry run to work out these kinks.

Motorcycle lane dry run extended until March 26

Mmda Commonwealth Motorcycle Lane Dry Run Extension Inline 01 Min

Photo: MMDA

Aside from the fact that there was a noted increase in the “ignoring” of the exclusive lane for motorcycles, the MMDA also stated that patching works are another reason for the dry run’s extension. The additional week is seen to give more time to properly repair the MC lane that spans between Elliptical Road and Dona Carmen as well as to familiarize motorists with its implementation.

“We opt to continue the dry run of the exclusive motorcycle lane along Commonwealth Ave. from Elliptical Road to Doña Carmen and vice versa until March 26. In coordination with the DPWH, their patch works in the area will continue to address the issues on the said road,” said Atty. Don Artes, MMDA Acting Chairman.

“The MMDA is grateful to the DPWH for acting quickly to our repair works request which would help in lessening accidents,” Artes added.

Mmda Commonwealth Motorcycle Lane Dry Run Extension Inline 02 Min

Photo: MMDA

Aside from what seems to be a lack of proper dissemination of information, or more of a conscious effort to disregard the existence and enforcement of the motorcycle lane, the uneven stretch of road specified for motorcycles was also seen as a factor as to why many two-wheelers may deem it unsafe to use, hence they’re avoiding it altogether.

From March 9 to March 16, 9,757 motorcycle riders and four-wheel private vehicle drivers were flagged down for not observing the exclusive lane. 7,584 of these were private vehicles while 2,173 were motorcycles. As of March 18, this number further ballooned to 12,370; 2,931 were motorcycle riders and 9,439 were four-wheel vehicle drivers.

Mmda Commonwealth Motorcycle Lane Dry Run Extension Inline 03 Min

Photo: MMDA

During this time, the MMDA plans to install reflectors and solar street lamps to light up the area which should help riders and other motorists to avoid accidents. The exclusive motorcycle lane is the third lane from the sidewalk and was conceived as a way to reduce motorcycle-related road crash incidents and ensure smooth traffic flow along Commonwealth Avenue.

As before, no fines will be given to those who are flagged down for violating the motorcycle lane. Whether this additional week will work remains to be seen, but for all the efforts that the MMDA and their enforcers are doing, we hope that it does. It’s not easy standing under the sun having to flag down unruly motorists, you know.

Mikko Juangco
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