MMDA implements higher fines for violating exclusive EDSA Bus Lane, minimum PHP 5K

The majority of the public’s clamor to solve the problem of motorists violating the EDSA Bus Lane includes the suggestion of higher fines and revocation of driver’s licenses. Right now, we’ll bet there is already a good number of apprehended motorists for doing so. Surprise, surprise, though, because as of yesterday, the MMDA has released information on the fines and succeeding penalties for those who simply ignore the exclusivity of the EDSA busway. Oh, it’s happening, alright.

Violation of the EDSA Bus Lane leads to hefty fine, can lead to revocation of driver’s license

Mmda Edsa Bus Lane Increased Fines Lto Land Transportation Office I Act Inline 01 Min

Photo: Land Transportation Office

Ever since its implementation, the MMDA has had its hands full in enforcing the exclusivity of the EDSA Bus Lane. It was meant for buses traveling the length of EDSA, and in some cases, a few non-buses are authorized to use it in certain circumstances. The “kamotes” of the 2- and 4-wheel kind have run rampant, though, so much so that the MMDA and the LTO have joined forces to exact the law on these law-breakers.

Still, a lot of repeat offenders continue to be apprehended.

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Photo: Land Transportation Office

To put a stop to those who would still wish to violate the EDSA Bus Lane, under the MMDA Regulation No. 23-002, the increased fines for the violation of exclusive city bus lane/EDSA carousel lane regulation for both public and private vehicles are as follows:

  • First Offense – PHP 5,000
  • Second Offense – PHP 10,000, plus one-month suspension of driver’s license, and required to undergo a road safety seminar
  • Third Offense – PHP 20,000, plus one-year suspension of driver’s license
  • Fourth Offense – PHP 30,000, plus recommendation to Land Transportation Office for revocation of driver’s license

“To serve as a deterrent, the MMDA, through the Metro Manila Council, decided to increase the prescribed fines and impose corresponding suspension of driver’s license depending on the frequency of offense. Currently, the prescribed fine for the violation of the exclusive bus lane regulation is at P1000 for each offense,” said MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes.

To address any “anti-poor, money-making scheme” allegations, Artes had this to say: “Based on our data and observation, there are those who are willing to pay the PHP 1,000 fines and violated the exclusivity of the bus lane because they can afford it… kalimitan kotse ng mayayaman [usually vehicles of rich owners].”

Mmda Edsa Bus Lane Increased Fines Lto Land Transportation Office I Act Inline 03 Min

Photo: Land Transportation Office

We did mention that this is happening; more like it will happen. This new fine and penalty scheme for violations of the exclusive EDSA Bus Lane is already approved, but the MMDA will first conduct information campaigns to make the public aware of the new, increased fines and the addition of penalties for subsequent Bus Lane violations prior to its full implementation.

Good job, MMDA! It’s about time that the law is enforced with unwavering (but lawful) force. The next time any of you might think about even trying to use the EDSA Bus Lane, think again. And think pretty hard. 5,000 Pesos is not easy to come by.

Think about it.

Mikko Juangco
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