MMDA nabs 35 vehicles in illegal parking, colorum vehicle operation around NAIA

The MMDA is starting 2023 right – and consistently – as it continues its operations against illegal parking. For anyone who’s frequented or even just passed the vicinity of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), it’s easy to notice the number of parked vehicles around its vicinity. These were the targets of the agency’s recent clearing ops.

MMDA tallies 35 violators, 13 towed, and 13 impounded vehicles

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Photo: DOTr

The vicinity around NAIA was identified as a hot zone for illegal parking as well as colorum vehicles during a meeting between the MMDA and airport officials. As such, the government agency’s Task Force on Clearing Operations has been put into action, headed by none other than Col. Edison “Bong” Nebrija. Yesterday’s mission: tow illegal parkers and apprehend colorum motorcycles more commonly known as “habal-habal” plying major roadways near the NAIA terminals.

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Photo: DOTr

The heavy traffic that was observed especially during the peak of the holiday season prompted officials to look into what caused the long lines going in and out of the airport. When the above-mentioned factors have been identified, Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Cesar Chiong sought collaboration between them and the MMDA.

Regarding yesterday’s clearing operations, he had this to say: “We thank the MMDA for their willingness to help us in solving this problem that has been hounding the airport complex for years.”

Moving forward, the MIAA and MMDA shall impose sanctions, fines, and penalties on violators pursuant to existing laws without prejudice to the filing of appropriate charges in court.

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Photo: DOTr

The task was carried out in further collaboration with the MIAA Traffic Police Division, the Pasay LGU, the I-ACT, and other member agencies. All parties involved have committed to continuing more frequent spot operations to keep such vehicles and illegal practices out of the NAIA’s vicinity.

A total of 35 violations were tallied, of which, 29 were issued tickets. 13 vehicles were towed and another 13 were impounded.

It’s not so hard to see why things such as these can cause traffic, and risk public safety. Many will always complain about having their vehicles towed or impounded, but the fact of the matter remains that if what you’re doing is illegal, then brave as you are for doing so, you should be brave enough to face the consequences. Let this be a reminder, then, that in the interest of the greater good, and as difficult as it may be, do what is right.

Mikko Juangco
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