MMDA to implement Metro Manila wide curfew starting March 15

The Philippine Star has reported that the MMDA will implement a Metro Manila wide curfew as part of the quarantine.

MMDA Logo • MMDA to implement Metro Manila wide curfew starting March 15

Starting March 15 to April 14, the MMDA will implement a curfew starting 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM with the following guidelines:

  • Employees going to and from work are exempted.
  • All nonessential activities, such as going to bars and drinking, will be banned.
  • The PNP will issue guidelines on the checkpoints on Metro Manila borders.
  • Only essential travel will be allowed. Vehicles will be pulled over to present IDs to determine whether their travel is considered essential.
  • MMDA GM defines essential travel as those that are involved in emergency and health services, as well as food and supply deliveries. These include grocery shopping, buying medicine, and going to checkups. Government officials on official duty are also defined as essential travel.
  • Nonessential travel includes visiting family members, going to malls, drinking, watching movies, and shopping.

The story is still ongoing. We’ll report more as the story develops.

Louie Diangson
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