Taking the Hyundai Eon for a spin


Hyundai Philippines brought us to a 3-day road trip to Baguio so we can experience the ride on their new Hyundai Eon and take it out for a spin.

We left Hyundai North Edsa at around 8:30am and arrive at our first pit stop Isdaan, Gerona, Tarlac after little over 3 hours. Our odometer reads 162Km and our fuel meter remains unmoved. After a hearty lunch, we’re off to the road again to our next stop — Caltex, Rosario La Union.

hyundai eon1 • Taking the Hyundai Eon for a spin

When we arrived at Nueva Ecija proper, we encountered a bit of a hiccup as the road was under construction. The road was muddy because of drizzling. Surprisingly The Eon was able to handle the tough terrain quite well without breaking a sweat.

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After passing through the muddy terrain, the drizzling intensified a bit. The first leg of the “econo run” tour ended at Caltex Rosario La Union. We refueled and got a much needed stretch to get our blood pumping again. It only took 12.540 liters of gas to fill our tank again to its max. By this time our odometer measured our run at 248.6km.

hyundai eon2 • Taking the Hyundai Eon for a spin

We arrived at Caltex on schedule but departed rather late. When we hit the road again, the rain started to really pour. When we reached Kennon road, the downpour went full blast and it made visibility quite a challenge for our designated driver.

It’s a good thing that one of trip buddies is a seasoned driver as well as a photographer. But even in this situation the Eon was able to get us through the zigzagged road quite nicely.

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hyundai eon3 • Taking the Hyundai Eon for a spin

After a grueling hour of battling through almost zero visibility on a zigzag road. We arrived at our final destination, The Manor, Baguio at 4:50pm which marks the end of the Hyundai Econo-run.

As we mentioned on our previous post, the car’s main feature is its fuel-efficiency. Just to let you in on how the Hyundai Eon fared on this area, our car only consumed 12.540 liters from Manila to La Union which is 248.6Km. That equates to a frugal 19.815kmpl of fuel consumption.

hyundai eon4 • Taking the Hyundai Eon for a spin

As if that wasn’t thrift enough, the team who won the econo-run challenge had 30.532km/l run. Of course this is achieved by applying a bit of a science in the race like windows down, driving behind a bus, folding the side mirror and years of driving experience.

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hyundai eon5 • Taking the Hyundai Eon for a spin

The whole trip was fun, including the riding experience, was an enjoyable one. Besides the smooth ride, you’d definitely enjoy the whole trip because you don’t have to think about your car eating most of your trip budget. Though spacious enough, the car’s interior isn’t that big to comfortably fit in big passengers. But if you’re not that tall of a person and is on a hunt for a wallet-friendly vehicle, the Hyundai Eon is definitely a car worth considering.

Ronnie Bulaong
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