MMDA to ramp up enforcement of “No Contact Apprehension” scheme

With most of the country switching to alert level 1, transportation agencies are putting themselves on high alert for the sudden influx of vehicles plying the roads, most notably EDSA.

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Photo Credit: MMDA Facebook Page

One such agency that’s up to the task is the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA). During a recent interview with TV Patrol, MMDA traffic chief Bong Nebrija disclosed how the agency plans to intensify the enforcement of the no contact apprehension program.

Nebrija said the MMDA is anticipating the influx of vehicles on EDSA, which is why they decided to ramp up the no contact apprehension scheme. He was quick to point out though, that traffic management takes precedence over enforcement. Lastly, Nebrija reminded drivers to still be careful, and to not be complacent just because they wont be apprehended immediately.

EDSA is not the only place that has a no contact apprehension traffic scheme, other municipalities are following suit, most recently Quezon City.

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