Apprehended motorcyclist runs amok at I-ACT enforcers after breaking EDSA busway law

We’ve already said that the greatest enemies of traffic law enforcers whether from the I-ACT, LTO, or MMDA, are ignorance and arrogance. In the Philippines, its become so common to namedrop or act all high and mighty in the face of an apprehension, outnumbering the few(er) who would simply own up to the violation and comply with the enforcers. Both the DOTr and the InterAgency Council for Traffic have caught an incident on cam showing a motorcyclist who they described as “ran amok” after being apprehended for violating the EDSA bus lane. Here’s what happened.

Published video from I-ACT/DOTr shows motorcyclist ripping violation ticket issued by enforcers

dotr Mmda I-Act Motorcycle Runs Amok Edsa Busway Edsa Carousel Inline 01 Min

Photo: InterAgency Council for Traffic

In an incident that happened this past Sunday, both the Department of Transportation and I-ACT made public a video of the said motorcyclist who faces multiple violations. The said violations are Disregarding Traffic Signs, Failure to wear a standard helmet, Failure to carry OR/CR, Unauthorized attached plate, and Reckless driving (lane straddling). The motorcyclist was hailed by operatives of the I-ACT in the area of EDSA-North Avenue.

dotr Mmda I-Act Motorcycle Runs Amok Edsa Busway Edsa Carousel Inline 02 Min

Photo: InterAgency Council for Traffic

According to both agencies, the erring motorcyclist whom they went so far as to publicly call a “Kamote”, was driving along the EDSA Bus Carousel lane at around 6:00 PM this past Sunday. As is standard, he was pulled over and issued a ticket. The problems only started piling up, though, because the rider was not wearing a proper helmet, did not have the motorcycle’s OR/CR in hand, and was also deemed to have unauthorized plates attached.

The operatives of I-ACT related that the motorcyclist ran amok and attempted to take his license away from the enforcers. After failing to do so, the report goes to say that this was when the motorcyclists started shouting and asking for his ticket, which he promptly ripped and threw to the ground in front of the enforcers. The motorcyclist then boarded his motorcycle and drove away from the scene

dotr Mmda I-Act Motorcycle Runs Amok Edsa Busway Edsa Carousel Inline 03 Min

Photo: InterAgency Council for Traffic

The mere fact that there was no OR/CR means that this motorcycle was unlawfully being driven on the road. That alone already constitutes a heavy fine and alongside his other violations, could lead to even more and heavier penalties.

As a reminder, the leftmost lane along EDSA is reserved for buses, and the only other vehicles that are allowed to ply along the said lane are ambulances and marked government vehicles responding to emergencies. No, simply having a red/government plate does not mean you can use the bus lane, okay?

There is no new information as to what the I-ACT, DOTr, or the LTO will do to the motorcyclist run amok, but we’re pretty sure that a summons, a suspension of a driver’s license, and possibly the placing of the motorcycle under alarm are well underway.

If you’re brave – no, brazen – enough to break the law, at least be brave enough to man (or woman) up to your violation and take the penalty. It’s instances like this that show us how entitled, privileged, and most of all, unworthy some motorists are to have a driver’s license.

Okay, government agencies. Your move. How do we address this motorcyclist and the hundreds of others who drive and act the same way?

Mikko Juangco
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