Nissan is 90 years old this year and celebrates with these special edition models

Nissan is one of the most established brands in the world, it has produced some of the most iconic nameplates and even pioneered certain aspects of the automotive industry. This rich history now translates to 90 years of existence this coming December 26, 2023.

Nissan 90th anniversary special edition models

To commemorate the occasion the brand has come up with some special edition models, these are based already on existing models the brand sells in Japan. Specifically, the Sakura Kei car EV, Leaf, Serena, Note Aura, X-Trail, and Kicks, these models will start being sold in Japan in stages starting December 19, 2023.

So what constitutes a special edition model? First is the special red colorway the cars are painted with, accompanied by copper accents, black side mirrors, and special rims. Interior-wise, the differences are highlighted by 90th-anniversary floor mats, while there are also optional extras like decals and a license plate frame with the 90th-anniversary edition logo.

There is no word if these 90th-anniversary models will make their way to other parts of the world, or even to the Philippines given Nissan’s strong presence here. If ever they do, the likelihood will be sometime around 2024.

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

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