PBBM issues quick suspension of MMDA e-vehicle Metro Manila Road Ban after only 3 days

The MMDA’s plans to ban e-bikes, e-trikes, and other e-vehicles from major Metro Manila roads have just ground to a halt. After only 3 days since its implementation, and on the day that tickets and fines were to be implemented, President BBM himself issued a statement ordering the agency to suspend Regulation No. 24-022 series of 2024 for one more month. Here is why.

BBM steps in, gets MMDA to suspend e-bike, e-trike, e-vehicle ban for one more month

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Photo: Presidential Communications Office

In his statement, PBBM emphasized that there is still a need for the MMDA to further study and reexamine the provisions laid out in MMDA Regulation No. 24-022 series of 2024, which is what the e-bike/e-trike/e-vehicle ban is based on.

“Kung paparahin man sila, ito ay upang maayos na maituro ang mga kalsadang maari nilang gamitin, pati na ang pagpapaalala ng mga bagong patakaran na ipinatutupad upang paigtingin ang kaligtasan at kaayusan sa mga lansangan [If they are to be pulled over, it should be to teach them what roads they can take and to remind them of the new rules that will promote safety an order on the roads],” PBBM was quoted as saying.

The President expressed sympathy for those who have been apprehended thus far and also mentioned the PHP 2,500 fine being handed to violators.

“…nakakaawa naman talaga at dapat bigyan naman natin sila ng pagkakataon para alam nila kung ano ba ‘yung bagong rules, papaano sila mag adjust. At saka PhP2,500 ang laking multa niyan, napakabigat niyan para sa kanila, so, bigyan natin sila ng isang buwan para alam nila kung ano ba ‘yung dapat nilang gawin […I really pity them and they should be given a change to know the new rules, how they’ll adjust. And the PHP 2,500 fine is big, it is a heavy amount for them, so, let’s give one month for them to fogure out what they should do],” PBBM added.

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Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

On the MMDA’s part, it will comply and will give and use a one-month grace period to inform the public of the prohibition on e-bikes, e-trikes, tricycles, pedicabs, push carts, and “kuligligs” from traversing national roads in Metro Manila.

“Our president is a compassionate leader, and he is sensitive to the sentiments of the public, as some of the violators claimed that they were not aware of the regulation, do not know the alternative routes, and have not yet adjusted their routine in the use of their electric bikes,” said Atty. Don Artes, MMDA Acting Chairman, at the MMDA Head Office in Pasig on Friday.

As it stands, the agency will study how to go about the cancellation of citation tickets issued to 290 violators and the return of 69 impounded vehicles from April 17 until the suspension of the issuance of tickets yesterday morning. However, despite the suspension, elements of the Metro Manila Development Authority will continue to flag down violators of the ban but will not issue citations or impound the vehicles. Instead, the erring drivers and motorists will be informed of the regulation and advised about alternate roads they can use.

The MMDA and Metro Manila local government units will focus on informing the public about the alternative routes that users of the vehicles covered by the regulation can traverse. “We will meet with the LGUs’ traffic officials for the identification of alternate routes in Metro Manila,” said Artes.

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Photo: Department of Transportation

Under the Metro Manila Council (MMC)-approved MMDA Regulation No. 24-002, e-bikes, e-trikes, tricycles, pedicabs, push carts, and “kuligligs” are banned from traversing national roads, circumferential roads, and radial roads in Metro Manila.

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