The return of the legendary Toyota Tamaraw to the PH is confirmed

Today sees the celebration of Toyota Motor Philippines’ 35th year in the country. The festivities came with BIG news: the Toyota Tamaraw is indeed coming back! President Akio Toyoda has confirmed as much, and this is what we know so far.

The Tamaraw will return to PH with a new platform

Toyota Tamaraw Next Generation Concept Fx Akio Toyoda IMV0 Philippines Reveal

As we all know, the Tamaraw has become a household name in the country. Whether as a family car, public transportation, or business needs, it had a place in everyone’s garages and fleets. Its “exit” brought the rise of its successor, the Toyota Innova, but as successful as the Innova was (IS), the forebear was widely missed.

2024 Toyota Tamaraw Next Generation Concept Fx Akio Toyoda Philippines Reveal IMV0

But as we said, it will make a comeback 24 into the PH. This time, though, it sheds its “family” roots and will instead serve as its namesake as a workhorse. Add to that the fact that it will be sitting on an all new platform called IMV 0.

Shown off at today’s reveal were two versions of the Tamaraw, the utility pick up platform, and as – are you ready? – a modern PUV.

2024 Toyota Tamaraw Next Generation Concept Fx Akio Toyoda Philippines IMV0 Front Exterior

Production is not due to start until next year, and the official launch won’t be until then as well. Speaking of production, another surprise is that the new model using the IMV 0, will be built locally! Yes, it will be produced in the Toyota Santa Rosa plant, and if that doesn’t excite strike a chord in the lines of “Proudly Pinoy” and opportunities for the people, nothing will.

More information will undoubtedly come in in the next few days and we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

Don’t worry, we’re as excited as you are!

Mikko Juangco
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