Romando Artes returns as MMDA Chief, replaces Dimayuga after 2 quick months

A new MMDA Chief will again be at the helm, and it will be Romando Artes. It has only been two months since the appointment of Carlo Dimayuga III, but Malacanan has officially announced that Dimayuga’s predecessor will once again take charge of the agency.

MMDA is familiar territory for Artes

Mmda Chief Romando Artes Reappointment 2022 Inline 02 Min

Photo: MMDA

It can be remembered that Artes was appointed as MMDA Chairman by then-President Rodrigo Duterte. In what will be his second crack at leadership, Malacanan through Undersecretary Cheloy Garafil, OIC of the Office of the Press Secretary, announced Artes’ appointment this past Saturday, October 29, 2022. The copy of his appointment papers has yet to be released, and no explanation was offered as to why Dimayuga was being replaced.

Mmda Chief Romando Artes Reappointment 2022 Inline 03 Min

Photo: MMDA

Artes, who is a certified public accountant as well as a lawyer, first served in the MMDA as Assistant General Manager (AGM) for finance and administration in May 2017 and was later appointed as General Manager in November 2021. He had to vacate this position when the president had taken his seat in June this year.

Artes graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce with a major in Accountancy in 1993 and earned his Bachelor of Laws in 1998 from San Beda College. He passed the bar examinations also in 1998 and then started his career as a lawyer.

Mmda Chief Romando Artes Reappointment 2022 Inline 01 Min

Photo: MMDA

Under his tenure as previous Chairman, Artes headed the committee that was able to roll out COVID-19 vaccinations for almost all of the agency’s employees as well as their immediate families. Further back to his early beginnings, though, his seat as AGM for finance and administration earned the agency an “unqualified opinion” award from the Commission on Audit.

What does that mean? An unqualified opinion means financial statements are prepared in all material respects and in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework. So yes, that is quite a big deal, and an important award and recognition.

Thank you for the service, Engr. Dimayuga, and good luck and welcome back, Atty. Artes! We shall continue to look forward to great things from you and the MMDA.

Mikko Juangco
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