The GWM Cannon XSR could give the Ranger, Hilux and Navara a run for their money

GWM (Great Wall Motor) is a relatively new brand in the Philippines, only making its launch back in April. Apart from also launching the Haval hybrid crossovers they also wanted to make some headway into the competitive pickup market with the Cannon.

GWM Cannon XSR

We actually were able to try the Cannon out during a small pocket test drive and to be quite honest it’s quite the capable truck. Not to mention that the Cannon is already being sold in other truck-heavy markets such as Australia so the Cannon does have something to offer.

While the Cannon variant lineup being offered locally is decent and should make some headway, there is one model of the Cannon that if brought to the Philippines could really shake things up in the segment.

The GWM Cannon XSR is the more off-road-oriented version of the pickup and is already available in China, right now though it will be making its way to Australia soon with order books already reportedly open. It has more ground clearance with an additional 34mm along with a more unique suspension setup giving the XSR a wider wheel track at the front and rear.

Gwm Cannon Xsr Inline

It also has added protection courtesy of an underbody skid plate and a snorkel to help boost the vehicles water wading capabilities. Lastly, it gets unique front metal bumpers along with a sports bar on the truck bed.

The most interesting feature though is that the Cannon XSR comes with both front and rear locking differentials. Why is that significant? because its chief competitors locally only come with rear locking diffs. Locking differentials help 4×4 get enough traction when the going gets tough, so adding another locking diff gives the Cannon XSR an advantage over the others during off-road driving.

There is no word yet if GWM Philippines is planning to bring in the XSR but with the brand’s appetite locally, and the demand for pickups at an all-time high, this could be the brand’s way of one-upping the competition.

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