Sony Honda Mobility EV company to release 3 models

It was announced last year that Sony and Honda are both joining forces to pool resources for a mobility brand. This brand is now known as Sony Honda Mobility, and during the recently concluded Japan Mobility Show, we were given a sneak peek of the Afeela sedan model.

There are now reports that the brand is introducing 2 more models in the coming future.

Sony Honda Mobility Models

A report by Nikkei Asia states that the next two models will be an affordable compact slated for a 2028 release, and an SUV by 2027. As is the norm with vehicles like these, the platform will be shared between them.

There aren’t many details yet regarding the models mentioned above, but the automaker did showcase the Vision-S 02 Concept already which closely resembles the Afeela sedan. The Afeela is expected to hit the showroom floors sometime in early 2026 and will be a dual-motor-powered EV sedan.

It will be curious to see just how quickly this joint venture can launch its models, and even more interesting how the brand plans to set itself apart from the competition.


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