Sta. Mesa NLEX Connector means no more Magsaysay Flyover in the upcoming months

The Magsaysay Flyover, like that in Commonwealth is going to be torn down. NLEX Corporation has announced its decomissioning to make way for the construction of the Expressways Sta. Mesa connector.

End of the road for Magsaysay Flyover

Things are about to get a lot dustier and jammed up along Magsaysay Boulevard. With the upcoming construction of NLEX’s connector to Sta. Mesa, the flyover will be decommissioned and it is set to start in the coming months and is projected to last until the onset of the December holidays this year.

“The redevelopment project and the NLEX Connector both aim to ease traffic in the metro and improve the flow of vehicles in its surrounding areas,” – Luigi Bautista, NLEX Corporation President

Magsaysay Boulevard Magsaysay Flyover Nlex Connector Inline 01 Min

The roadworks will come in phases, and this is only one of it. As the Magsaysay Flyover is being “done away with”, temporary lane closures will be implemented on roads going to and from Cubao and Legarda. NLEX said that in the daytime, 3 lanes in either direction will be open, and there will be 2 at nighttime.

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Given the road damage that will come with all the heavy equipment needed to decom the Magsaysay Flyover, rehabilitation of both west- and eastbound service roads will also be included in the project. The relocation of electrical and lamp posts will likewise be included, as is the improvement to the PNR railway crossing.

Once this has all been done, the NLEX Connector’s mainline will be on the second and not on the fourth level. NLEX Corp. said that this will help “ensuring safer and faster travel of all classes of vehicles particularly, Class 3 vehicles coming to and from the port areas.”

Magsaysay Boulevard Magsaysay Flyover Nlex Connector Inline 03 Min

The project’s completion will also see 3.5 meter-lanes compared the the current ones that are only 2.5 meters wide. “With a traffic management scheme in place, we seek to provide safe and efficient passage to the public while we are undertaking this redevelopment of Magsaysay Boulevard,” Bautista later added.

UPDATE: Traffic Scheme for duration of Magsaysay roadworks

The “end” of Magsaysay Flyover is only the beginning, as we mentioned, and the roadworks and improvements of Magsaysay Boulevard are set to finish in the first quarter of 2023. We do hope the project keeps with the timeline.

As horrendous as traffic will be, it will all inevitably lead to better roadways and what we hope will be more efficient travel.

Mikko Juangco
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