Temporary truck ban rules to be implemented along Roxas Blvd. due to ongoing DPWH construction

Businesses that rely on cargo trucks may have to work around the new truck ban along Roxas Boulevard. In a statement, the MMDA announced that rerouting will be implemented and trucks prohibited from plying the main road in Manila following DPWH construction, particularly in the area fronting the US Embassy.

Truck ban applies to trucks traveling to and from Port Area and SLEX

Temporary Truck Ban Roxas Blvd Dpwh Construction Inline 02 Min

Photo: MMDA

Trucks covered by the ban are those with a gross weight exceeding 4,500 kg. This has been agreed upon based on MMDA Resolution No. 22-16. The truck ban is “to avoid deterioration” along the constructed patch(es) of the road due to the trucks’ sheer number and weight.

Temporary Truck Ban Roxas Blvd Dpwh Construction Inline 01 Min

Photo: MMDA

The ban spans the stretch between the Port Area and SLEX. The alternate route for trucks, which they originally used, will be as follows:

SLEX to Port Area

  • From SLEX, straight to Osmeña Highway to Pres. Quirino Avenue
  • turn left to Plaza Dilao towards Pres. Quirino Ext.
  • left at U.N Avenue, turn right to Romualdez
  • turn left to Ayala Avenue/P. Burgos Avenue
  • turn right to Bonifacio Drive to destination

Port Area to SLEX

  • From Bonifacio Drive, turn left to P. Burgos/Ayala Blvd.
  • turn right to San Marcelino
  • turn left to Pres. Quirino Avenue
  • right turn to Pres. Osmeña highway to SLEX

Temporary Truck Ban Roxas Blvd Dpwh Construction Main 00 Min

Looking towards the coming months, Engr. Carlo Dimayuga III, MMDA Acting Chairman also said that the agency will implement a moratorium on road diggings, except for the government’s flagship projects, from November 14 until January 2, as part of the MMDA’s traffic mitigation measures for the holidays.

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