Omoda and Jaecoo brands launch globally with target sales of 1.4M per yer

I’ve mentioned in previous articles that 2023 is the year of the China cars, in the 1st quarter alone we’ve seen the introduction of new players from that country enter our market. It’s not over yet as another 2 brands are set to enter before the year ends; Omoda and Jaecoo.

Omoda Jaecoo Global launch

Omoda and Jaecoo global launch

On April 20th, the O&J Global Brand Launch Conference was held in Wuhu, Anhui, China, during which the new brand JAECOO, and the first EV global vehicle of OMODA 5, made their global debut. Nearly 400 people, including dealers, media outlets, and partners from 67 countries were there to witness the grand event.

In addition to OMODA’s exclusive NEV series, OMODA 5 EV, and JAECOO’s first model, JAECOO 7, completed their first unveiling at the conference. O&J’s new energy technology was also unveiled, which provides the “optimal solutions” for users to practice environmental protection, low-carbon, and green travel.

Omoda Jaecoo Global Debut

“Today, Global automotive development has entered the fourth window of opportunity in history — a new era of full-scale advancement towards intelligent and new energy technology products,” according to Mr. Zhang Guibing, General Manager of Chery International. Furthermore, with the rise of personalized products, more and more SUV/CROSSOVER models are included in the Top 10 Best-Selling Models.

As of the first quarter of this year, OMODA has achieved a sales volume of 13,000 units and realized sustained growth in all regions where it was launched first, including Mexico, Israel, and Kuwait. O&J brand is expected to reach global sales of 1,400,000 units by 2030, ranking among the top tier of personalized intelligent vehicles worldwide. 

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