Toyota’s mobility initiative: A year of free rides for Santa Rosa and Pasay

Under separate contractual arrangements, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is embarking on a philanthropic initiative by providing each municipal government with a fleet of five cutting-edge Toyota Lite Ace units. These vehicles, equipped with air conditioning, are tailored to operate on flexible routes confined within the respective city limits. Commencing on December 1, 2023, in Santa Rosa City, followed by Pasay City on December 2, the Toyota Commute Service (TCS) is poised to offer complimentary rides for a full year.

TMP’s President, Atsuhiro Okamoto, delineates that the TCS is not merely an act of generosity but a manifestation of the company’s corporate social responsibility, underscored by the commemoration of TMP’s 35th anniversary. This initiative is propelled by a sincere ambition to enhance the quality of life in these communities. By offering free, accessible, intelligent, and secure mobility, TMP aims to alleviate transportation challenges and create a positive impact on the daily lives of residents.

Toyota Community Shuttle Santa Rosa 7

Photo: Toyota Motor Philippines

Facilitated through the ‘myToyota Shuttle PH’ application, a flagship mobility solution from TMP’s mobility service arm, Toyota Mobility Solutions Philippines, Inc. (TMSPH), the booking system for TCS is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Commuters can leverage this downloadable mobile application to book rides, monitor real-time vehicle locations, and check the arrival times of TCS units using their personal devices.

President Okamoto further underscores that the TCS initiative extends beyond providing a convenient transportation option. It aligns with the ongoing efforts of the beneficiary cities, Santa Rosa and Pasay, to evolve into “smart” and “sustainable eco-cities.” With Santa Rosa recognized as a “Next Wave City” and Pasay dubbed the “Travel City,” these cities are committed to embracing innovation and digitalization to improve various aspects of community life, including transportation.

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Photo: Toyota Motor Philippines

The broader impact of the TCS is emphasized as a strategic complement to these cities’ endeavors towards increased connectivity and mobility. President Okamoto believes that the initiative contributes to the larger goal of creating positive social value in the beneficiary communities. In the context of TMP’s 35th anniversary in August 2023, the company reiterated its commitment to economic and societal development through both its core automotive manufacturing and distribution business and its expanding portfolio of mobility-related services.

Globally, Toyota envisions a future of diversified and innovative mobility solutions. Embracing the “Connected, Autonomous/Automated, Shared, and Electrified” (CASE) concepts, Toyota’s approach to future mobility aligns with global trends, emphasizing sustainability and technological advancement in the automotive industry.

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