Shell Philippines Opens 1st Fast Charging Station


In a move to further push EVs as alternative modes of transportation locally, Shell Philippines has just opened its first fast-charging station in the country.

Shell Philippines Fast Charging Station Details

It’s called the Shell Recharge site and is located along the northbound portion of SLEX. Specifically, the Shell SLEX Mamplasan gas station. The Recharge Station comes equipped with two 180 Kwh DC fast chargers and is compatible with most electric vehicles. According to Shell, the Charging Cost is PHP 65 per minute.

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At the moment the Shell Recharge Station accepts different modes of payment. Shell Philippines also mentioned during the launch that around three-eight more recharge stations are set to open this year, however, no specific locations have been mentioned as of yet.


Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo's first word was probably "Car", and this has developed into a personal passion that has consumed his professional life as well.

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