Clarification: LTO assured 60-day plate-claiming penalty intended for agency officials, vehicle dealerships

News of the LTO’s consideration of penalizing those who fail to claim plates within 60 days after a public information campaign quickly caught the public’s eye. And their ire, if you will. Quick to put out the flames, agency Chief ASec. Vigor Mendoza II issued a statement to set the record straight on the proposed penalty.

LTO clarifies that 60-day deadline is for vehicle dealerships, agency officials, and not vehicle owners

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The impression that motor vehicle owners may face a suspension of their vehicle’s registration came after Senator Francis Tolentino’s suggestion. Of course, that would be too much given how some circumstances may hamper or prevent some from claiming their plates. This has been put to rest by ASec. Mendoza, though.

“The order is not intended for the motor vehicle owners because it’s the LTO’s mandate to issue plates,” said Mendoza.

“In order to set the record straight, the 60-day deadline to get the unclaimed license plates is not for the motor vehicle owners. It is actually a directive to all our Regional Directors, District Chiefs, Offices and Extension Offices to find the best ways to properly and efficiently distribute the unclaimed license plates within 60 days,” he added.

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Regarding the role of LTO officials and dealerships, Mendoza said “The same order covers car dealers and motorcycle dealers because we also received reports that there are a number of unclaimed license plates in their custody”.

It does not simply end there, though. On the part of vehicle owners, “We are also studying all the possible measures to compel motor vehicle owners to secure their unclaimed license plates,” said Mendoza. However they might be “compelled” is still up for question, but with how ASec. Mendoza’s stayed on the ball since his appointment, we can likely expect a plan for that sooner than later.

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As it stands, the LTO Chief has vowed that an investigation will be conducted to get to the bottom of how an estimated 1.8 million printed license plates were left stockpiled in various regional offices of his agency.

If you want to check the availability of your white plates 15, you can do so by using the LTO plate checker facility here 43.

Best that you know if yours is already there for claiming than wait to possibly be penalized (if the LTO finally has a solid plan for it), yes?

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