The audacity the MMDA deals with; and people like these have legal LTO Driver’s Licenses?

We’ve said before that as far as the implementation and enforcement of the law goes, the MMDA Task Force Special Operations probably has it the toughest. We’ve also said that ignorance and arrogance are their greatest enemies, the biggest hindrance in applying the full extent of the law. While it doesn’t stop them, there are some things we need to point out so that other relevant government agencies such as the LTO could probably step in, too.

MMDA’s Bong Nebrija and his team come across the darndest stuff, don’t they?

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Photo: Edison Bong Nebrija

Take this case in which MMDA TFSO Head Col. Edison “Bong” Nebrija was pushed to go “live” with on social media. A long story short is that a delivery truck driver was blocking the sidewalk whilst parked outside a certain establishment. Of course, enforcers have called his attention to its illegality and asked him for his license, to which Nebrija said the driver ignored. Later on, he asked that the truck be towed and when the tow bar was installed, the driver seemed to want to drive off and even revved the engine at the MMDA enforcers, as Nebrija had said in the video.

The driver eventually relented and handed his license over, but what he did after was beyond the MMDA’s patience. The driver proceeded to take a video of the enforcers, Nebrija included, and while he was still being captured on video himself, had the courage (or frankly, stupidity) to do what you see in the photo above. The antics and backtalking of the driver didn’t stop and Nebrija was even pushed to the brink saying “mamaya viral ka na” [you’re going to be viral later]. We’ll just let that photo do the talking.

In summary, the MMDA will be pushing for this driver to undergo a seminar and other sanctions and subject him to what procedures may apply following his actions. For this, his license was also confiscated given his arrogance. We guess he has no choice but to show himself to the authorities after this bumbling act.

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Photo: Super Radyo DZBB 594khz

Here’s another familiar scenario. Just this past April, another motorcyclist was apprehended and the said motorcyclist’s plan to get out of being ticketed and apprehended was to present himself as an employee of a night-operating establishment. Fine, it’s a nightclub. The result? Said nightclub employee attempting to stage a bribe was denied and properly schooled! You’d think that in this day and age where information is so quick to go viral that no one would dare follow that same course of action, right? No, not at all!

As aired on Super Radyo DZBB, it can be seen that Nebrija himself was apprehending a motorcyclist who had no helmet on, who had no side mirrors on his motorcycle, all while his backrider was just wearing slippers. He was pulled over and asked for his license, and what does he do? He sticks on his ID showing that he works for some club. The photo above shows the moment when the MMDA TSFO head takes the license but hands the ID back to the motorcyclist.

According to the correspondent of DZBB, Nebrija was firm in stating that they will not be “moved” or swayed from apprehending and issuing tickets to unruly motorists by presenting IDs of any sort. That much is true, and Col. Nebrija has said time and again that “backers” have no power over him and his team. If anyone’s resolve will remain steadfast, we expect it to be the Colonel’s.

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Photo: Edison Bong Nebrija

Finally, we have this strapping individual seen in the photo above. As this man’s tricycle was being loaded on the flatbed for towing, a video shows him coming out of his gate, pipe in hand, and lifting said pipe towards the MMDA enforcer who was loading the trike onto the truck. He seems to relent when he realized that he was also being caught on camera while this was all going on. Regardless, what’s your intention in coming out with a pipe? Why lift or wave it toward a representative of the law?

Is it to intimidate? Is it to strike fear into the hearts of men who are simply doing their job against those who may choose to willingly violate long-standing and existing laws? Is it to, well, whatever. We don’t even want to know. All we do know, though, is that this has to stop. Ignorance of the law exempts no one from its enforcement, and whatever the reason is, it’s best you keep that pipe to yourself and in your garage.

One word that MMDA’s Nebrija very copiously used was “maangas”. In English that translates to arrogant. Yes, that word again. Arrogance.

It remains to be an everlasting enemy of the law, its enforcers, and its implementation and enforcement. But for some, this along with the potential for violence, impunity, and more often than not being disrespected by those who are wrong are part of the daily grind.

Make no mistake that there are more than just these three examples that show how some motorists simply do not deserve to have Driver’s Licenses issued to them by the LTO. Whether they obtained it by legal means or not, it’s behaviors such as these that merit a total overhaul of the system, a new way by which those who have records of being apprehended – more so the chronic rule breakers – be reassessed and be deemed worthy or unworthy of handling such a prized piece of plastic (or paper if they’re part of those who were issued paper licenses because of a lack of plastic cards).

We can be sure that some elements of the law particularly the MMDA team of Col. Nebrija will keep on doing their jobs, but while they strive to uphold and protect Lady Justice, who will, in turn, protect them? No, not just the MMDA TFSO or the other teams in the MMDA, but every law enforcement individual be it from the LTO or HPG or PNP or even the Barangays who simply wants to do the right thing day in and day out without having to be lambasted or threatened.

It’s time to find ways to do that. And we’re sure we aren’t alone in wanting to protect those who are just and deserving of our protection, our support, and our respect.

Mikko Juangco
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