The Isuzu D-MAX and mu-X can do 1,000 kms on 1 tank

With the ever-rising (sometimes dipping) price of fuel, automakers have been forced to ensure buyers that their vehicles are up to the task when it comes to fuel economy. Recently, Honda did their own test and garnered some decent results for the Civic and HR-V.

The latest brand to test the mettle of its fuel economy is Isuzu, and the results are actually quite impressive.

Isuzu’s can do 1,000 plus km on 1 tank

Isuzu partnered with the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP), for a one-full tank challenge. 

The team embarked on a 5-day road trip with both models driven normally, traversing the different roads, traffic, and weather conditions from Subic up to Ilocos then down to Bicol. The DMAX was able to travel around 1,564 kilometers or 20.58 km/l in just one full tank while the result for mu-X is at 1,675 kilometers or 20.94km/l in one full tank.

As mentioned earlier those are some incredible figures, in fact, judging by those numbers the D-MAX and mu-X can match some of the hybrids in the market.

Isuzu Gxz

So if you’re interested in either of those vehicles, you can head on over to the Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) held in the World Trade Center in Pasay. The booth not only boasts its passenger vehicles but also its commercial offerings.

Apart from the exciting vehicle line-up, Isuzu also gives guests a glimpse of the advantages of being part of the Isuzu Family with their equally extensive aftersales programs. In their Customer Lounge area, Isuzu reiterates that they are offering not just products, but rather their ‘business solution’ to customers with their extensive Aftersales service. During the show, the brand demonstrates the exclusive Isuzu Vehicle Health Report, Fleet Programs, Parts Support, and Eco-Drive Training to convey that the customer journey with the brand does not end on vehicle purchase.

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