Toyota and Daihatsu to restructure operations – Aims to revitalize Daihatsu

In a strategic move aimed at revamping their overseas business structure, Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (Daihatsu) 16 have announced significant changes. The focus of this restructuring is to position Daihatsu as a leading “mobility company centered on mini vehicles” while ensuring procedural integrity and leveraging strengths to produce high-quality vehicles and contribute to realizing a mobility-oriented society.

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One of the primary changes involves the dissolution of the Emerging-market Compact Car Company, which previously bridged the organizational structures of both Toyota and Daihatsu. Going forward, Toyota will assume responsibility for overseas operations from development to certification, while Daihatsu will undertake the actual development process. This transition will be implemented gradually, aligning with model changeover schedules.

The restructuring plan entails several key adjustments:

  • The product planning function, formerly under the umbrella of the Emerging-market Compact Car Company, will now shift to the Toyota Compact Car Company.
  • Toyota Compact Car Company will serve as Daihatsu’s contractor, overseeing the entire development-to-certification process.
  • The business and product management function will be transferred to Toyota’s Business & Sales Unit, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.
  • Other areas such as subcontracting, resource management, and optimization will also be integrated into Toyota’s oversight, reinforcing the partnership between the two companies.
Toyota and Daihatsu restructure

Old structure

Toyota and Daihatsu restructure

New structure

Commenting on the restructuring, representatives from Toyota and Daihatsu expressed optimism about the future prospects. They emphasized the importance of adapting to changing market dynamics and aligning business strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the mobility sector.

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