Traffic violation fines may increase in 2023 with Single Ticketing System

The proposed Single Ticketing System is seen to standardize traffic laws, apprehension guidelines, and violation fines across all LGUs. That last point is what we’re going to tackle in this article. As part of the overall proposal, and given the differences between applied laws and guidelines across local governments, fines for traffic violations will inevitably change, and it seems it might favor the pricier ones in the list(s).

Single Ticketing System: standardized rules, increased and heftier fines

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About two weeks ago, news about the proposed Single Ticketing System came out. A collaboration between the MMDA, the Land Transporation Office (LTO), and LGU officials, it means to bring more order in the application of traffic laws and regulations across NCR. In the name of not getting or being confused, that is good!

But what was most striking was the report that included in the proposed system are the changing of the fines that traffic violators will need to pay, as well as some added provisions to existing rules. Let’s have a look at them.

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First, the fines. While they did not list the violations and fines in their entirety, they did make an example of not wearing a helmet while on a motorcycle. Currently, the fine is pegged at PHP 1,000 – depending on the LGU – but with the approval of the System, it may be increased to PHP 1,500. Loading and unloading in unauthorized zones will likewise see an increase. From what’s currently PHP 500, it may go up to PHP 1,000.

As for the added provisions, the Single Ticketing System may implement violations and fines for those riding pillion or “naka-angkas” on motorcycles. Specifically, those who are riding with improper footwear such as slippers, sandals, or none at all, will be fined depending on how many times they may have committed an offense. These will be PHP 500, PHP 700, and PHP 1,000 plus the revocation of driver’s license on the 1st through 3rd offenses, respectively.

Another added proviso is that Driver’s Licenses will no longer be confiscated outright. With the Single Ticketing System in place, the license of the erring motorist will simply be logged into the database, along with the corresponding violation and penalty. Likewise, fines will already be payable through Bayad Centers and mobile applications in the interest of motorists’ convenience.

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It’s possible that the Single Ticketing System may be approved and subsequently begin implementation next year. No specific month is in the timeline, but at this point and with all the urgency that all the government bodies involved with it are exhibiting, perhaps we should be ready for it by January of 2023. There may be some changes, but the basic framework of all traffic laws and guidelines will be the same. That said, there’s always time to educate ourselves, especially with the abundance of important information readily available on the internet.

What do you think about the Single Ticketing System? Will it finally rid us of the dreaded “kotong cops”, extortion, and overall chaos in the implementation of our traffic laws? Sound off in the comments. This does, after all, affect us all.

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  1. Kapag nagtanong kaba sa mga pulis Makati eh ticket agad,,lalo na kung ala ka nman alam sa lugar gaya ng Makati Puro one way,,lalo na kung sa Waze ka lng susunod ksi nd mo alam Ang mga daan

  2. This should be good 👍

  3. Dapat bago magtaas sa mababa muna Ang multa tapos pagmaganda Ang kinalabasan ng single tikets Saka magtaas bayas yan pagpinatupad agad yan na mataas kawawa Ang pilipino

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