The Lexus LBX is the brands newest baby crossover, to be launched officially on June 5

The Lexus LBX has just been revealed to the world after much anticipation as to how the brand will tackle a very contested segment.

2024 Lexus LBX

The LBX is set to be the smallest crossover and likely entry point into the Lexus brand. Design-wise it very much tries to distinguish itself compared to the other vehicles in the brand’s lineup. It features more rounded sculpted lines to accentuate more size and width despite its smaller proportions.

Lexus Gallery Design 03 D

From the front, it looks like a GR Yaris that’s been given the ‘spindle’ treatment, the side profile has more sculpted lines (and reminds us of the Mazda CX-3/CX-30). While the rear carries over the lightbar taillight design found on most of the brand’s vehicles.

Lexus Gallery Design 04 D

The interior of the LBX is very in tune with the automaker’s identity, starting with clean and understated colors, plus good ergonomics. One thing that truly stands out in the interior is the big infotainment screen which will likely come with a host of cutting edge features.

Lexus Gallery Design 02 D

Another highlight that Lexus has imparted is that the LBX will feature a newer more robust 1.5-liter gasoline engine that will be paired with a hybrid system consisting of a new NiMH battery, this was done for better performance and efficiency. As standard with most vehicles nowadays the safety system will also be comprehensive and updated.

The brand has slated the full model launch to be on June 5, 2024, with the American and European markets likely getting the first batches. Given Lexus PH’s strong performance though, the LBX might be justified on Philippine soil.

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