Ford Philippines releases own statement, confirms that Bronco will be launched this 2024

A while ago, we posted an article that Autohub group posted its teaser regarding the eventual launch of the Ford Bronco SUV in the Philippines 51.

At the time it was written we were only speculating, but now Ford Philippines has confirmed the launch of the Bronco in its own statement.

Ford PH confirms Bronco Launch

In a statement sent to us by brand representatives, here’s what Ford PH had to say:

“Ford Philippines is confirming the launch of the Ford Bronco this year. It will soon be open for reservation exclusively via the Ford online reservation portal at 630, and will be supported by all Ford dealers nationwide. More information including product specifications and reservation timings will be shared closer to launch date.”

There you have it folks, definitive word that the Bronco will be making its way here. Saved up your Christmas bonuses? your chance to own the iconic SUV looms.

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

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