History! LTO issues license plates for first registered Vintage Vehicle under RA 11698

It’s been over a year since the Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act lapsed into law. The LTO approved its Implementing Rules and Regulations last month, and the country finally has the first vehicle registered under the new law. After passing all the minimum requirements to be deemed roadworthy, the Land Transportation Office has turned over the license plates to the car’s owner.

LTO: Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act to encourage maintenance, preservation of car’s historical value

Lto First Vintage Vehicle Regulations Act Ra 11698 Inline 01 Min

Photo: LTO

The momentous occasion was led by outgoing agency Chief Atty. Jay Art Tugade. The license plates of the first-ever registered and recognized vintage vehicle were turned over in a ceremony held at the Land Transportation Central Office in Quezon City last week.

“With the passage of the Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act, the LTO aims to register roadworthy vintage vehicles while also encouraging owners to take greater responsibility for maintaining their vehicles in order to preserve their historical value,” said Tugade.

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Photo: Nissan

Under RA 11698, AKA the Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act, the registration and use of vintage vehicles will be allowed, provided that they meet specific criteria and be assessed as “roadworthy” before plying the roads. The vehicles that may be registered under the law are vehicles that are already 40 years from the date of their original manufacturing. They will be classified as either concours or “for exhibition/display/contest”, or “restomods” (short for restoration mode). It’s worth noting that replicas and reproductions do not fall in the “vintage vehicle” category.

Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act Ra 11698 Signed Inline 03 Min

Photo: Honda

An added benefit under RA 11698 is that it also provides for the importation of authentic parts, original or replica body shells, engines, transmissions, and other spare parts and accessories. That means the intended care, maintenance, and preservation of a classic vehicle’s historical value will be supported by an actual law.

The registration of vintage cars will be valid for 3 years and will get accompanying special “Vintage Vehicle” plates from the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Based on the photo we see at the top, the plate will have “Vintage Vehicle” and what is presumably the production year of the vehicle as well.

Classic car nuts will really like this bit of news, as would any car aficionado. After this, we can’t wait to see how the list gets longer and see these vintage vehicles reliving their glory days on our roads.

Mikko Juangco
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