Lexus drops teaser on 2024 LBX, but what is it exactly?

Lexus has just surprised the world with a teaser for an upcoming new model, the 2024 LBX.

What is the Lexus LBX?

There were some reports before that the brand was looking to develop an all-new model based on the Yaris Cross. It seems that the upcoming LBX might just be that model, some clues can be found in the name ‘X’ refers to being part of the Lexus crossover/SUV lineup, and ‘B’ might mean that it belongs in the B-segment size classification.

Looking at the teaser shows the front quarter panel and it features a curved and prominent hood along with small rounded headlights. The grille is somewhat shown and has the same pattern now found on the bigger RX SUV. The taillights meanwhile showcase a continuous design that looks like sunglasses.

Lexus LBX inline

No other details have been revealed yet, but if the LBX will share the same platform with the Yaris Cross we could expect it to be a hybrid. The┬áhybrid powertrain combines a three-cylinder 1.5 VVT-i engine with two (FWD) or three (AWD-i) electric motors, producing 114 hp and 120 Nm of torque. Another thing to take note of is that it is very unlikely that the ASEAN region could get the LBX because it’s based on the European Yaris Cross-platform and not the Daihatsu-derived unit we get here.

Lexus is set to debut the LBX on June 5, so stay tuned.

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