5 jaw-dropping details about the Aston Martin DBX707

Only two days ago, the Aston Martin DBX707 was unveiled and unleashed into the PH market. Just looking at it, you know it’s a fantastic sight to behold; any more fantastic, even Newt Scamander would want to find this beast. But we won’t get all too fancy here. Instead, we’ll quickly get right to the tidbits of this British SUV that can make us pick our jaws up off the floor.

Aston Martin DBX707: A new definition of performance and driving pleasure

Aside from the obvious which is its manufacturer’s name, the DBX707 has a lot of things going for it. From its looks to its performance figures, it has a pretty long list packed in, enough for Aston Martin to hold it at the pinnacle of its segment. So without further ado, let’s have a look at what you’re getting.

It is BIG

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16.5 feet long, 7.3 feet wide from mirror tip to mirror tip, and 5.5 feet high, the DBX707 is a commanding presence on the road. It’s one thing to see Aston Martin’s low-slung cars and tourers, but to see one as sizeable as this is an amazing sight. It may not come close to its US of A counterparts, but it doesn’t really need to. Add to that its eye-catching looks, you have yourself a massive chunk of SUV that’s handsome to boot. Speaking of looks…

Form and Function

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Come on, anyone who’s seen an Aston Martin on the road will take more than a second look. The special thing about the DBX707 is that the elements that contribute to its unique look aren’t all for aesthetics because they serve a specific purpose.

That huge grill? That’s to significantly increase cooling and airflow to the engine and transmission. The air intakes and brake cooling ducts aren’t for show, either, because they have been tested to provide the same cooling flow to vital components. Oh, and the front lip, the wing, and the rear bumper diffuser are also there to provide an aerodynamic function to reduce lift and increase high-speed stability.

Luxury defined

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Besides the brand, its unique exterior also comes with an equally exquisite interior. Everywhere you look, the cabin is lined with Alcantara and leather upholstery. Front seat adjustments? How does 16-way electric adjustment with memory function sound to you? Heated seats? Check.

The DBX707 also comes with the brand’s premium audio system that sounds off to 14 speakers and 800 watts. The ambient lighting features dual-zone settings and a 64-color palette that you can use to truly make the SUV your own.

Finally, the Aston Martin branding and wings are embroidered right into the materials, and the accent they provide is upped even more with dark satin chrome pieces. “Beautiful” won’t even begin to cut it.

Power and delivery: Engine and Transmission

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This will be short and sweet.

4.0-liter twin-turbocharged petrol V8 engine, 9-speed wet clutch automatic transmission, 707 PS, 900 Nm of torque, 0-100 km/h in 3.3 seconds, top speed of 310 km/h.

We’ll let all those numbers speak for themselves

That price, though

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Now, this is possibly the most incredible factoid about the DBX707.

The price tag is an eye-watering PHP 33,500,000.

Now we know this list isn’t as long as everyone might want it to be, but there’s a whole lot more that pumps its price to that astronomical figure. But the Chairman and President of Aston Martin Manila, Marc Tagle himself, couldn’t have said it better:

“A testament to Aston Martin’s dedication to igniting the passion for the ultimate driving experience, the DBX707 is another masterpiece that marries technology with masterful craftsmanship. From its trademark luxurious fittings to the boosted turbo engine, The DBX707 takes our discerning clientele to the next level, and it is an honor for us to bring this to the Philippine market.”

“It is extremely competitive for its segment, packed with the performance features that come with it. Its size, coupled with 900NM of torque is enough to make any car enthusiast’s heart race behind the wheel. …the introduction of the DBX707 to the streets of Manila will take any future owner to the pinnacle of luxury; powerful, elusive, and exclusive.”

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At the end of the day, you will always get what you pay for. As the flagship model of the DBX line, the 707 has already been recognized as “Best Luxury SUV” at the GQ Car Awards, Top Gear’s “Super SUV of the Year” award, and back-to-back wins in PR Arabia National Auto Award in the “Best Super Luxury SUV” category.

It may not be for everyone, whether in terms of preference or cost, but we can never deny the presence that Aston Martin commands, and the grins, stares, and smiles per hour that the DBX707 can undoubtedly bring to whoever rides or drives it.

Mikko Juangco
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