MMDA enforcer victim of alleged drunk driver, injured by motorist he was apprehending

We’d think that as an MMDA enforcer and being an element of the law are reasons enough to not be victims of being hit (on purpose?), right? Given the sheer number of news that proves otherwise, the start of the new year hasn’t been different. Unfortunately, a traffic constable aboard his motorcycle relates that he was bumped on purpose by an errant motorist he asked to pull over for, of all reasons, allegedly violating the EDSA Bus Lane. The constable is safe, but he has sustained injuries. Here’s what happened.

Traffic Constable of MMDA injured on the job

Mmda Edsa Busway Accident Road Rage January 2024 Inline 01 Min

Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

The incident happened only a few days ago. In a social media post on the MMDA’s official page, the photos you see above as well as videos of interviews from the enforcer and the errant driver can be seen and watched.

The enforcer, on his part, said that he noticed an erratic pattern in the way the motorist was driving and that the vehicle entered the EDSA Bus Lane; a known violation of the law. He followed the car and asked the driver to pull over for questioning but instead, the enforcer said that his motorcycle was hit by the vehicle on purpose, resulting in the former being thrown from his bike and some pain on his shoulder.

The driver of the vehicle refutes this statement.

Mmda Edsa Busway Accident Road Rage January 2024 Inline 02 Min

Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

In the interview with the driver, he said that the MMDA enforcer was in front of him, and he adamantly said that he did not enter the Bus Lane. The contact was supposedly because the enforcer suddenly swerved into the bus lane and that the 4-wheeler tried to avoid the motorcycle. When asked if the driver had any alcohol, he first said that he had “mga apat na ano [about 4], sir.” Very quickly, he was also recorded saying “sir, hindi nga ako nag-inom, eh [I didn’t drink].”

Mmda Edsa Busway Accident Road Rage January 2024 Inline 03 Min

Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

Given the MMDA enforcer’s statement plus other evidence such as CCTV footage from the Metro Manila Development Authority Metrobase, it seems that the driver was, indeed, found to have violated the bus lane as well as for reckless driving. The agency went so far as to say “Patunay na nagsisinungaling ang driver na kanyang sinita [Proof that the driver that the enforcer was apprehending is lying]”. That said, the MMDA is asking the LTO for the revocation of the motorist’s driver’s license and to hand him a case for property damage.

No other updates have surfaced, but the fact remains that safe driving and being a responsible motorist are expected of anyone who has a license. If intoxicated, don’t drive. If asked to pull over by a law enforcer, pull over. And if you are unfamiliar with laws, rules, policies, and regulations, the internet is here to give you a good measure of education.

“A Driver’s License is a privilege and not a right”, as we always say. Please do not do anything to endanger yourself, your passengers, and everyone else around you.

Again, drive safely and responsibly out there, folks!

Mikko Juangco
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