Toyota bZ3 comes with futuristic looks and impressive 600 km range

Toyota has been very busy breaking further into EV territory. After the introduction of the bZ4X, yet another battery electric vehicle joins the bZ stable, and a sedan at that: the Toyota bZ3. The marvel that you see here is a product of collaboration between Toyota, BYD, and FAW and if we were to judge on looks alone, this one’s a looker. But what else does it offer?

No range anxiety with the Toyota bZ3

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Photo: Toyota

Yes, we put that out there first. One of the main stumbling blocks of EVs (electric vehicles) is the range anxiety that customers and drivers might have. Toyota attributes this to the battery know-how of their partner BYD. Their lithium-ion LFP battery working in conjunction with Toyota’s extensive electrification technologies gives the bZ3 enough juice to travel a boldly-declared maximum cruising range of over 600 kilometers.

Apart from its impressive capacity, the rate of degradation of the power unit has also greatly decreased. Toyota states – as its technology ensures – that even after 10 years, the battery can still retain up to 90% capacity for “customer peace of mind”. Very bold, indeed, but Toyota does have a thing or two up its sleeve all the time.

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Photo: Toyota

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Photo: Toyota

As for its looks, it’s safe to say that it’s the larger bZ4X’s sedan twin. The front ends are near if not totally identical, save for the black “mask” accent on the 4X. The Toyota bZ3 rides on the brand’s e-TNGA platform which gives it a low center of gravity that translates to better handling and stability.

It also features a bit of a performance pedigree as Toyota mentioned that the bZ3’s moving, turning, and stopping have been finely tuned following their car-making and motorsports knowledge. If this thing can handle itself around the bends and at speed, color is impressed.

Inside, “Toyota emphasizes a coherent and comfortable interior space with enhanced digital features perfectly integrated inside the cabin to suit customer preferences”. We’re not so sure about customer preferences, but that massive display front and center of the stack is something many would prefer to have. The Toyota bZ3 features this “Digital Island” system that integrates this vertical display with a tray-type console.

A slew of basic and tech functions are controlled via the system, and these include air conditioning, music, trunk release, and other voice control among others. It also features wireless charging and an innovative means to link smartphones and multimedia via the system’s screen.

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Photo: Toyota

Except for the declared range, not much has been said about the Toyota bZ3’s exact power plant or its power figures. But again, if we were to base it on looks alone and Toyota’s gung-ho declaration – which is more often than not very credible – then we have something pretty good going on here.

The Toyota bZ3 may be able to make its mark here in the PH, should the brand decide to bring it in after the bZ4X. It’s a Toyota, and it’s an EV. And if range, looks, desirable features, and most importantly cost are all properly addressed for the PH market, Toyota might have another winner to usher in an electric future.

Mikko Juangco
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