Whopping 530K motorists apprehended for various violations by LTO in 2023

A lot of news has been published about the LTO’s apprehensions of motorists in the past year. From simple dress code violations to those involving major accidents, the reasons were many. At the end of 2023, the numbers are in and a shade less than 530,000 were apprehended. If you’re wondering, the agency also released a list of top violations. Read on to find out.

Half a million motorists caught by LTO violating rules and policies last year

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Photo: Land Transportation Office

Alongside the MMDA, the LTO went into full swing in 2023 to help enforce the laws and policies concerning the use of motor vehicles. From roadside smoke belching tests to traffic constables being more visible and more proactively pulling motorists over for suspected (or obvious) violations, the efforts were rather commendable. And these efforts were not in vain.

For 2023, the three top violations for which motorists were apprehended were for violating the Clean Air Act (RA 8749), the Seatbelt Law (RA 8750), and overloading.

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Photo: Land Transportation Office

The number of impounded vehicles in 2023 also saw a big increase compared to the previous year. A total of 23,615 vehicles were taken in, and that accounts for a staggering 47% increase from 2022’s numbers. Testament enough that 2023 was a rather “busy” and difficult year for the LTO and the MMDA to keep motorists in check.

For the year 2024, Atty. Vigor D. Mendoza II, LTO Chief Assistant Secretary, has instructed all Regional Directors to maintain the visibility of LTO traffic enforcers on the roads to compel errant motorists to behave accordingly.

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Photo: Land Transportation Office

“The mere presence of our uniformed personnel on the roads already encourages motorists to observe discipline. So we want the presence of our personnel on the road further intensified because observance of traffic discipline translates to road safety. This is the reason why the procurement of more motor vehicles that will be used by our enforcers is one of our priorities this year,” said Mendoza.

Given existing laws, the LTO has also brought back the No Registration No Travel Policy. Those who find themselves in violation of this policy are faced with a huge fine; PHP 10,000, to be exact.

“As much as possible, ayaw natin na may mahuhuling violators dahil may kasama lagi itong multa na dagdag gastos sa ating mga kababayan. Subalit kailangan nating paigtingin ang ating kampanya para sa disiplina sa daan dahil ang nakasalalay dito ay ang kaligtasan ng lahat,” Mendoza also added.

It’s a new year, ladies and gentlemen. As responsible motorists, perhaps we can resolve to follow rules and regulations concerning our vehicles and driving along our roads.

Mikko Juangco
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