Lexus drops another teaser for 2024 GX SUV

A couple of weeks ago Lexus released a teaser for the upcoming GX, at the time the teaser only revealed a small portion of the front fascia, particularly the sleek and slender headlight cluster. With the launch date inching closer, another teaser was just released to the public revealing more of the GX’s design cues.

2nd Lexus GX teaser

The teaser photo now reveals part of the rear, and what’s obvious is that the GX will feature a very boxy design language. The roofline and side profile reveal straight angular character lines, but the most interesting feature is the rear LED lightbar cluster that adds a touch of modern class to the otherwise mundane rear.

As this is just a teaser no details about the exact specification of the GX have been announced yet, but the GX will most likely be riding on the TNGA-F platform. The interior meanwhile will likely mimic that of the Sequoia and likely carry many carry-over parts from Toyota. The engine could likely be the same one found in either the Sequoia or the newly revealed Tacoma.

The launch of the Lexus GX will be on June 8, 2023, so we won’t have much longer to wait till we get the full low down.

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

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