Teaser photos of luxurious 2024 Lexus GX released before official June launch

The current-generation Lexus GX has been around for some time now. For its fans as well as those of its Toyota brother the Land Cruiser Prado, an all-new model for 2024 comes knocking, and we have less than a month before we see it in the metal. Two teaser photos have been published by Lexus showing – very conservatively – parts of the front and the tailgate of the upcoming luxury SUV.

Hints of how the Lexus GX and the Land Cruiser Prado will look

2024 Lexus Gx Teaser Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Inline 01 Min

Photo: Lexus

Following the release of the TX teaser photo, the brand is at it again. This time, they’ve shown off two photos of the upcoming Lexus GX. It’s not much to go on, but we now have a somewhat clearer picture of how it may look when it’s released.

Higher up, we can see a clamshell hood as well as slimmer and redesigned headlight assemblies. The wide fenders are still part of the overall look, but this time around it comes with a black flare piece. We can’t make out much of it, but being a Lexus, the massive Spindle Grill will most likely be present and will sport an updated design and pattern as well.

As for the photo directly above, individual letters spelling out “Lexus” are seen on the trunk garnish. We can assume that the red strip will be part of the rear lighting assemblies – likely LED – and will span the width of the tailgate and tuck neatly into what will be the taillights. Eagle-eyed readers will also something quite interesting: a small tab underneath the rear wiper gasket/cowl. Could it be that a one-piece lifting tailgate will be replaced by a split design on the new Lexus GX? We’ll have to wait until June 9 to know for certain.

2024 Lexus Gx Teaser Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Inline 02 Min

Photo: Lexus

2024 Lexus Gx Teaser Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Inline 03 Min

Photo: Lexus

The photos you see above this text are the current-gen Lexus GX and the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (Black Edition). We’re pretty certain the new GX will look different from its Lexus predecessor, and the Prado while it will definitely sport a different look altogether, will also sport most of these design cues that the teaser photos are showing.

Also likely is that the new Lexus GX will sit on the TNGA-F platform, Toyota‘s modular chassis for body-on-frame vehicles like the Land Cruiser 300 and Sequoia. Possible engine options may be smaller in displacement turbodiesel mills, with the likelihood of electrified options like the hybrid powertrains also found in the Sequoia and Tundra.

All in all, it’s pretty exciting to see what the Lexus GX (and Land Cruiser Prado) will look like. It’s no mystery that Lexus comes out with beautiful designs, and even on an SUV, it’s going to have to look pretty darned good. Yes, even the Prado, too.

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