Toyota Gazoo Racing built a special Prius for Le Mans

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about how Toyota Gazoo Racing would be showing something special off for the Le Mans race weekend. In that article we even speculated as to what model it could be, well with Le Mans weekend in full swing we now have an idea as to what the special model is.

Toyota Prius GR

It seems our guess was correct as the covers were pulled off to reveal a special rendition of the latest generation Prius, the brand has chosen to give the halo Hybrid car the GR treatment. This model was made to pay tribute to the 100th anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and its contribution to the Japanese automaker’s development of Hybrid technology.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Prius Inline

First things first, this Prius features some racing style inspired by the GR010 Hybrid Race Car which has an aerodynamic kit that includes side skirts, canards, a rear wing, a diffuser, and 18-inch wheels that look very similar to the ones mounted on the GR010 Hybrid. They also decided to put Le Mans style prototype-inspired LED headlights. Just to round out the look, they added a lightweight carbon fiber hood and the TGR graphics.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Prius Inline 2

Despite its race-ready looks, the Toyota Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition won’t be hitting the track just yet but given the brand’s history, a racing Prius may not be so out of the question. For now, the car is just sitting on display in celebration of one of the most important motor races.

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