All new Toyota Land Cruiser 250 Series launched, comes with 2 special edition options

Behold! This is the Toyota Land Cruiser 250 Series! The “middle child” of the LC lineup has just been uncovered in Japan and with it, the reveal of three variants available; two of which get special edition models that will have a total of only 8,000 units produced. The LC 250 is “returning to its original role and mission in the center of the LC Series” and while the LC 70 is described as “universal” and the LC 300 “symbolic”, the LC 250 aims to be the most “practical” in the lot. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Toyota Land Cruiser 250 finally debuts in Japan

Toyota first showed off the Land Cruiser 250 in August last year. They did good on their word that the official launch will be within the first half of 2024, though, and now we have more details of the “Prado”. The “Prado” badge seems to have been dropped by Toyota, though, if we’re to go by the information they’ve given at the time of its launch. Simply, this middle-spectrum model will just be the “250”. But let’s get to the meat of the model.

There are three variants of the LC 250, namely the 5-seater GX, and the 7-seater VX and ZX; the VX and ZX being the special “First Edition” models to commemorate the 250’s launch.

Toyota Land Cruiser 250 Japan Launch Vx Zx First Edition Inline 01 Min

Photo: Toyota

The main differences are the round Bi-Beam LED headlights and 18-inch matte black painted aluminum wheels shod in off-road tires (you can see this in the top-most image). Very noticeable is the cabin now being positioned further behind in relation to the axles. A lower beltline has also been incorporated into the design allowing for better visibility, especially when off-roading. The doors as well as the front and rear bumpers are also designed to be higher off the ground to minimize damage when on the trail as well as to achieve what Toyota describes as a “sense of lightness” when looking at the Land Cruiser 250.

A total of six body colors are available, including five monotone colors such as Avant Garde Bronze Metallic and Smoky Blue, and the two-toned color combination of the newly developed Sand color with a Light Gray roof.

Toyota Land Cruiser 250 Japan Launch Vx Zx First Edition Inline 02 Min

Photo: Toyota

Inside, specifically in the First Edition(s), you’ll find Dark Chestnut genuine leather upholstery with exclusive decorations, synthetic leather-wrapped door trim complete with a “FIRST EDITION” logo, and an instrument panel exclusively decorated with titanium film and chrome.

Depending on the customer’s choice, the Land Cruiser 250 can come in a 5- or 7-seat configuration. As expected, regardless of the number of seats, space is a premium that the Land Cruiser 250 boasts of, and seating a lot won’t be a problem at all. The second row features seats that split 60:40 and a third row that splits 50:50 so bringing cargo won’t be a problem either.

Toyota Land Cruiser 250 Japan Launch Vx Zx First Edition Inline 03 Min

Photo: Toyota

The Land Cruiser 250 sits on Toyota’s GA-F platform just like its big brother the LC 300. This ladder frame makes use of the latest non-linear tailor welded blank (TWB) welding technology and ultra-high tensile strength steel plates in the right places, helping to achieve a 50% increase in frame rigidity and a 30% increase in overall rigidity, but also improved strength and weight reduction.

Whether on- or off-road, the Land Cruiser 250 does well with a new front high-mount double wishbone and rear trailing link axle suspension setup that has been optimized for front and rear suspension geometry. It also features Electric power steering (EPS), Stabilizer with Disconnection Mechanism (SDM), Multi-Terrain Select, a Multi-Terrain Monitor, and most importantly, Full-time 4WD Transfer with a Torsen LSD.

The Land Cruiser can come with either a 2.7-liter gas (161 HP, 246 Nm torque) or 2.8-liter diesel-powered engine (201 HP, 500 Nm torque), and depending on engine choice, a 6-Super ECT or Direct Shift-8AT gearbox.

All Land Cruiser 250 variants feature full-time four-wheel drive with the GX getting the gas-ECT combo, the VX getting either a gas-ECT or diesel-8AT combo, and the ZX coming only with the diesel-8AT combo.

Toyota Land Cruiser 250 Japan Launch Vx Zx First Edition Inline 04 Min

Photo: Toyota

And now, the prices. The GX gets a JPY 5.2M tag, with the gas VX going for JPY 5.450M and the diesel for JPY 6.3M, and the ZX for JPY 7.350M.

The VX First Edition, which is available with either a gas or diesel power plant goes for JPY 5.9M and JPY 7M, respectively. As for the ZX First Edition, that tips the scales at JPY 7.850M

We won’t bother getting a rough Yen-to-PH Peso conversion of these prices since we know they won’t come out anywhere near those figures. But it’s safe to say that as with all LC models, the Land Cruiser 250 will still demand a premium from would-be buyers. It will be pricey, make no mistake about that, and that’s if and when Toyota Motor Philippines decides to bring it in.

If that’s not enough, JAOS already has add-ons for the Land Cruiser 250, and you can have a look at them in our separate article that you can find here.

It’s a time for a lot of rejoicing for Land Cruiser fans, that’s for sure. And when we do get to see this in the metal in local dealerships and out on the streets, we confess that we won’t help but be giddy and starstruck. But again, that’s the question, isn’t it? When, Toyota PH? When, indeed?

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