Still no end to bumbling violators of EDSA Busway, 150 apprehended in just 2.5 hours yesterday

While it has become repetitive, everyone is responsible for reminding each other of the EDSA Busway’s exclusivity for, well, buses! Here’s where the complaint hotline of the DOTr comes in. The agency quickly resolved the first complaint it ever received, and it seems they’re still steaming ahead by addressing more complaints about motorists violating the bus lane. The tally? 150 motorists.

Apprehended violators of EDSA Busway yesterday totaled 150… in just 2 and a half hours!

Lto Dotr Ltfrb Ops July 20 Edsa Busway Edsa Bus Lane Edsa Carousel Inline 01 Min

Photo: Department of Transportation

In this age of high technology and information at (most of) everyone’s fingertips, we’d think that people are aware of the recent I-ACT “sting ops” along the EDSA Busway. Whether yesterday’s violators had no idea or were simply just brazen lawbreakers, there simply is no excuse for driving inside the exclusive bus lane.

Yesterday’s operation was a response to complaints received through the Commuter Hotline and was carried out by deputized enforcers from the DOTr, PCG, LTO, and I-ACT. Apprehensions were made between 6:00 AM and 8:30 AM.

Lto Dotr Ltfrb Ops July 20 Edsa Busway Edsa Bus Lane Edsa Carousel Inline 02 Min

Photo: Department of Transportation

Two and a half hours were enough for the apprehending officers to tag, ticket, and fine motorists violating the EDSA Busway. Driving along the exclusive bus lane goes against Republic Act 4136 by “Disregarding Traffic Sign”. According to the LTO‘s statement, the Driver’s Licenses of those who were apprehended were also confiscated.

Lto Dotr Ltfrb Ops July 20 Edsa Busway Edsa Bus Lane Edsa Carousel Inline 03 Min

Photo: Department of Transportation

There is definitely no shortage of exposure for this particular issue, whether on the radio or television, online news channels, or on the internet, so no, ignorance is not an excuse. At this point, for those who feign (or might actually have an episode of) ignorance, this is already defiance. Tickets? Fines? Sure. But when acts like this are already an obvious attack on the rule of law, maybe penalties should be stepped up.

We support the response of all the agencies involved in this type of operation, especially along the EDSA Busway. May your men and women never tire, and may those who choose to violate rules and laws realize the error of their ways. Or just have their licenses suspended, err, confiscated.

Mikko Juangco
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