Amorsolo, C. Palanca street parking will soon be easy and contactless with Park, Pay, & Go

Parking in Makati has really become quite a hassle. With parking building slots quickly getting occupied, street parking has become the City’s fallback measure. Although some may knowingly or unknowingly park illegally along some streets, that may soon become a thing of the past, specifically along Amorsolo and C. Palanca.

Hassle-free and contactless street parking with Park, Pay, & Go

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Various mobile apps have been launched in recent years, with Dibz becoming one of, if not the latest. Its use is currently limited to some malls and parking buildings in Makati, though. Street parking is what the newest upcoming app Park, Pay, & Go is focusing on, and it will start with Amorsolo and C. Palanca once it launches.

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We’ve tried scouring the internet for more information, but its developers and Makati itself are pretty quiet about how it will work. What we do know is that it promises “hassle-free and contactless parking payments in the Makati Central Business District soon”.

Once it’s been rolled out, it will serve as a digital and automated “parking meter” for street parking, and it will all be controlled via a mobile app that we hope will be available for both Android and Apple devices.

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Street parking in Makati sees a couple of hundred vehicles waiting and even jockeying for daily. Being one of the country’s bigger business districts, that’s already a given. With progress came more vehicles, and the old parking buildings and lots just can’t accommodate much more. What’s curious so far about the Park, Pay, & Go app is if it will also allow street parking reservations like its current competitor.

For those of you working in the Makati CBD, what do you think, and what services should mobile apps offer to help ease the daily burden of parking? Maybe the developers are reading and listening, and your opinion will certainly count for a lot.

Mikko Juangco
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