Driving abroad? You need to get an International Driving Permit from the AAP

Planning to head out of the country for the upcoming holidays? Most of us fortunate enough to have the budget to travel probably will. But if you plan on doing some driving abroad, you should get an international driving permit or IDP beforehand. And no, your current driver’s license won’t be valid in other countries. Thankfully, it’s an easy and straightforward process, and it won’t take up too much of your time. The entire process of applying for and being issued an IDP is done through the Automobile Association of the Philippines 14 or AAP.

Below, we’ll give you the rundown of how to apply for an IDP here in the Philippines via the AAP, how much you’ll spend, and other requirements you need to know. 

Do note that we decided to apply onsite at the AAP office rather than through the website for faster processing.

International Driving Permit

What to Bring?

Before even applying for an international driving permit, you need to have one very important document beforehand – a valid Philippine driver’s license. If you don’t have one, well, you should probably take care of that first.

Don’t have a physical card yet? That’s fine. The AAP will accept the temporary paper-type/OR from the LTO aside from the usual card-type we have in our wallets.

In addition to the driver’s license, you need to bring two 2×2 colored ID pictures with a white background. This will be the photo the AAP will use on your IDP.

Go to the AAP for the International Driving Permit

The AAP has several branches in the Philippines, but the one nearest us is the main headquarters located along Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City. There’s no issue with parking too.

Once there, head to the second floor of the building, and the staff will guide you to the application room for the International Driving Permit. Remember to have your license with you and 2×2 ID pictures as well.

International Driving Permit

Application Process

The AAP has made the application process for the International Driving Permit very simple. The room has these stands where you input all the information needed. They will also ask which country you will be driving in. Depending on the country, they will issue a different kind of international driving permit. For example, Japan uses a different IDP as compared to say the US or Europe. Once you’ve input all your information, you’re good to go.

You can also choose how long the IDP will be valid; the minimum period is 1 year which costs PHP 4,144. The longer the validity, the more expensive it will be. Do note that if your driver’s license will expire before the 1-year period ends, the AAP will limit it to the month your license will expire.

All you have to do now is wait for your name to be called, pay the cashier (cash, credit, debit, GCash), and wait for your IDP. The process is quick assuming there aren’t many applicants. Personally, it only took me 30mins from applying to receiving my IDP.

What’s great about applying for an IDP is that you automatically become a member of the AAP as well. This means you can enjoy AAP member benefits such as free towing, insurance, and many more.

Now that you have your IDP, you’re ready to drive in whatever country you’ll be going to. Just don’t forget to bring your Philippine driver’s license as well. 

Jose Altoveros
  1. This article is misleading. Rules for the use of a foreign-issued driver’s (or “driving”) license in other countries are governed by the specific country’s rules. MOST other countries follow reciprocity principles with regards to the use of driver’s licenses. Typically though, it varies from 3 months to a year that your Filipino driver’s license will be recognized but then you will have to acquire a driver’s license in the country you will be driving in.

    In US and Canada, foreign-issued licenses are allowed for 90-days. In EU or EC countries, you have check the specific EU country’s rule for recognizing foreign-issued licenses.

  2. I have been driving in US and Canada everytime I go on vacations. We dont need IDP like for US and Canada if you will drive as a tourist for 90 days. We only need IDP if your drivers lic is not in english, so it needs to be translated in english thru IDP…This is misleading, pls input details when you need it and when you dont need it.

  3. Pwedeng gamitin ang PH DL sa Australia ng hanggang 6 buwan nang hindi na nangangailangan ng IDP.

  4. Aren’t Philippine Driver’s Licenses valid in the States for 30 days?

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