Could this be the all-new 2023 Toyota Vios?

YugaAuto UPDATE, 9 August: 2023 Toyota Vios launched in Thailand

The Toyota Vios has been around for a good long time. Through the years it’s gotten its fair share of minor model changes – facelifts if you will. We’ve stumbled upon something interesting, though, and it seems that the 2023 Toyota Vios might be in the works. Huge emphasis on the word “might”.

Here are a few things we are looking at. We know that the current generation Toyota Vios in the Philippines is built on-shore. However, Thailand has been a major source of news and vehicle supplies for the country as well. Another bit of news is that the supposed new Vios will be shifting from a Toyota to a Daihatsu platform named the Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA) platform. This isn’t exactly new news because such a platform has already been shared between both brands for a long time now for models like the Raize, Avanza, and Veloz (which we reported might be coming to the PH).

2023 Vios Inline 2

Photo: GDT autochannel youtube

This is where it gets interesting. If the new Vios will indeed be using DNGA, then the photo of the sedan you see could be how the new Toyota Vios will look. It’s actually the Daihatsu DN F sedan launched back in 2017, but it’s also said to be the inspiration for the new Vios. The Daihatsu concept measures 4,200 mm long, 1,695 mm wide, with a wheelbase of 2,510 mm. The significance of these numbers is that if this is the Vios’ basis, it will measure in to be much smaller than the Vios we currently have. Size aside, the shift to the DNGA platform may pay dividends on better handling, stronger rigidity, and better safety overall.

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