Senate Bill filed mandating child restraints in motor vehicles


Sen. Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada has recently filed Senate Bill No. 2871 which requires all child passengers of motor vehicles to be appropriately restrained in order to reduce incidence of injuries and fatalities resulting from motor vehicle crashes.

According to the bill, child passengers who are ages six years and below are required to be in child restraints like booster seats and other products with a lap and shoulder belt assembly, that meets applicable motor vehicle safety standards prescribed by the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

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child seat • Senate Bill filed mandating child restraints in motor vehicles
Image by Audi

The mandate will apply to private and public vehicles and are given one year from the issuance of the IRR by the LTO to install the appropriate child restraints. Drivers of public vehicles are also required to inform and require the adult accompanying the child upon boarding a vehicle to restrain the child passenger.

Those who fail to restrain a child passenger will receive a minimum fine of Php100 but not to exceed Php1,000 for the first violation; Php200 to Php2,000 for the second violation; and Php500 to Php5,000 fine with suspension of driver’s license for 1 week for the third and succeeding violations.

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“The safety of children is a primary consideration during road travel. Regardless of the type of vehicle and the distance of the trip, every child should always be kept and positioned safely inside the vehicles by using safety devices or installations.” said Senator Jinggoy Estrada in the bill’s explanatory note.

via: AutoIndustriya

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