Sotto files No Motorcycle Back-Rider Act of 2014


In response to the increasing crime involving back-riders on two-wheeled motorcycles or the so-called ‘riding in tandem’, Sotto has recently filed the No Motorcycle Back-Rider Act of 2014 which seeks to “stop this evil Batman and Robin tandem for good.”


S.B. No. 2344, or the No Motorcycle Back-Rider Act of 2014, aims to prohibit back-riders on two-wheeled motorcycles or scooters. This bill also gives law enforcers the authority to flag down a suspected driver and question them.

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Section 3 of the bill states that “no back-rider shall be allowed on a two-wheeled motorcycle or scooter unless the passenger is the spouse, child or parent of the driver.” The prohibition, however, “shall not apply to members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police while on official duty and in uniform.”

Violators, upon conviction, will be penalized by imprisonment or a fine of not less than Php20,000 for the first offense and an addition of another Php10,000 for every succeeding offense.

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“This may be frowned upon by some members of society, but we have to think of the higher good of protecting the life and limb of our citizens,” Sotto added.

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