Beep cards soon to be accepted in fast foods, groceries & convenience stores

It’s been a year since Beep card was launched to the public. It experienced some hiccups during its trial period but as the system and the riding public became more acquainted, they finally got along. Although, we must admit there’s still a long way to go.


Good news comes as according to the President and CEO of AF Payment Inc., the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) company handling the automated fare system, they are now looking into convenience stores as additional reloading stations . Also, they are planning to use the Beep card as cashless payment for fast food chains and grocery stores.

If you’d ask us, this is what the Beep should already have been. In order for the public to fully appreciate it, they should be able to use not just in our dilapidated train systems. Good thing a few bus companies are already accepting Beep as part of the unification.


Louie Diangson
  1. since this card uses NFC, they should already make a BEEP app option. if i dont want to carry along a card i should be able to use my nfc enabled mobile phone to pay using a BEEP app. i just reload my phone using the app. this us the next logical step to this tech

    • Right! I need an app that checks my balance and even reload it. It was a hassle to check balance only on the reloading machines and the cashier. I found an app where you can see the balance of transportation cards when you tap it to your phone but does not include beep card.

  2. some of their cards are defective and not very durable. after a month or so it’ll not be recognized by the beep terminal. and what’s worse is that if you load it up with a lot of credit then the card decides to quit on you. credit from the defective card to the new card is not transferable.

    • The credits/load in a defective beep card are transferable if you’ll ask for a replacement. This is why there’s a BEEP # in it.

      Just ask/coordinate this with MRT/LRT staff/teller concerning the replacement.

  3. They haven’t even implemented it for toll fee payment on NLEX.

  4. However, if you lost this card, anybody will be able to use it since it does not require pin or password

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