Grab intros GrabChat for faster messaging between driver and passenger

When you book a ride using Grab, there will be plenty of times that you will need to directly communicate with the driver for details which is mostly done via regular calls or SMS. That’s a bit of inconvenience as you need to spend credits. The good news is, Grab wants to take that burden away by introducing GrabChat.

grabchat • Grab intros GrabChat for faster messaging between driver and passenger

GrabChat is an instant messaging platform within the Grab app. It provides the drivers and passengers message templates that they can send to each other by a single tap. You can also send your own message for better coordination. The best part is it’s free, although you will need an internet connectivity for this one.

Here’s how to use the GrabChat feature:
1. Update your Grab app to the latest version.
2. Open the Grab app.
3. Make a GrabTaxi or GrabCar booking.
4. Tap the Chat icon in the “Driver on the way” screen.
5. Send your driver a friendly message!

source: Grab

Louie Diangson
  1. Thank you Grab! Let’s further encourage driving while texting/driving. Why not integrate VOIP within the Grab app and only enable it for loudspeaker calls?

  2. Took them a while. Most often than not, drivers doesn’t have enough credits to call or SMS the passenger.
    Also, can they add text to speech and voice to operate function so that the drivers will not need to look at and operate their phones while driving?

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