House Bill filed seeking to regulate Uber, Grab price surges


A House bill has been filed by a Quezon City Rep. Winston “Winnie” Castelo which aims to regulate the price surges of transport network service providers (TNS) like Uber and Grab in the country.

uber grab • House Bill filed seeking to regulate Uber, Grab price surges

In a report by GMA News Online, House Bill No. 4669 or the No Price Surge Act, if approved, will protect commuters from “undue and exorbitant price fixing by the TNS.”

“While we thought that these TNS providers serve as a better mode of public transportation for our people, they appear to be just the same with or worse than erring taxi cabs that charge passengers more than what the meter says,” Castelo said.

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Aside from the regulation of price surges, the bill also seeks to limit the number of TNS vehicles to avoid road congestion.

Just recently, LTFRB warned Uber and Grab to not take advantage of the holiday season as a reason to unreasonably surge their respective rates.

source: GMA News

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