LTFRB: UV Express vehicles are not allowed in EDSA

The Land Transport Franchising and regulatory board (LTFRB) has just prohibited UV Express vehicles from using EDSA as its transport route, according to a new memorandum issued by the said government agency.


In the said memorandum number 2016-009 posted on the LTFRB Citizen Enforcer Facebook page, the order was ratified to ease traffic congestion on one of Metro Manila’s busiest main roads.

The new order took place yesterday, July 30. UV Express vehicles are now given the liberty to travel on any route they wish to arrive to their destination at the shortest time, recommending to pass through any secondary road without route restrictions, except on the aforementioned. “UV Express Services are not allowed to traverse EDSA, except when crossing the same,” it said.




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  1. Should have finished reviewing the franchises’ routes first before jumping the gun.

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