No more terminal fee for OFWs starting April 30, 2017

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed today between the Department of Transportation – Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) and the 40 airline companies operating at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to waive the terminal fee for OFWs and select passengers.

dotr moa terminal fee • No more terminal fee for OFWs starting April 30, 2017
Image by DOTr

“Under the MOA, starting April 30, 2017, the International Passenger Service charge (IPSC) or the terminal fee amounting to PHP550 shall be waived for OFWs, pilgrims, Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) delegates, and others authorized by law and the Office of the President to travel outside the Philippines. Exemption shall be honored upon face to face purchase of tickets. By the end of July 2017, the exemption will also apply to online purchases. This means migrant workers no longer need to queue for refund when departing from NAIA.” the DOTr said in a statement.

Transportation and airport officials refer to this as a “simple gift” from President Rodrigo Duterte, which is inline with his directive to give OFWs a seamless and hassle-free experience at the airport.

source: DOTr

Louie Diangson
  1. Well done! Ito lamang ang administrasyon na nakagawa nyan upang kahit paano ay makatipid sa gastusin ang mga kababayan natin na umaalis upang magtrabaho at magsakripisyo abroad.

    Simple math: 550 pesos x 6000 pinoy ofws departing everyday = 3300000 pesos in money saved. Ofw remittances to the philippines in 2016: 28 billion us dollars. Mas malaki ang bumabalik sa ekonomiya ng pilipinas. Good job Mr. President Duterte and your hard working officials.

  2. What is the difference between an ordinary Filipino and an OFW? why is the treatment different? Because of the dollar remittance? how about the brain drain that is happening whenever we send a Filipino abroad, should we not factor that instead of the short term view that we are looking at? I personally, a Filipino who is willing to sacrifice to stay in my country to enable to develop it – should we not be treated equally with the OFW? why do we need to give them preferential treatment? I would not like to think – that it’s because the government can’t figure out what needs to be done to keep them to stay in their own country they would instead perpetuate this since we in the short term thru the dollar remittance is benefiting them? I call it consuelo de bobo…

    • so wag na lang ilibre mga ofw ganun ba? yung mga senior citizen ano ba pagkakaiba satin? yung mga pilay bulag at pipi tanggalan narin ng benepisyo mga yan kasi consuelo de bobo rin naman. kung nabibiyayaan ang iba, maging masaya ka para sa kanila, hinde yung maghihimutok ka kasi meron sila. ang tawag sa ganyang ugali e inggitero. crab mentality yan pre iwasan mo yan

  3. please do note that this is applicable in NAIA terminal only.

  4. Salamat tatay Digong, salamat mga ka DDS..

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