Maserati confirms that the Quattroporte EV is coming, along with other EV cars

Maserati has been a brand that’s been hell-bent on reinventing itself. In the recent past, it has released some new vehicles like the MC20 among others that are set to usher in the next era of the famed Italian sports car maker.

It has also been confirmed that the brand is looking to look towards an electrified future with a couple of vehicles.

Maserati EVs

Last week the brand confirmed that the development of the upcoming Quattroporte Folgore will be delayed till around 2028. Despite this, they are keen to announce that a few other EVs will still be hitting the market between now and the EV Quattroporte.

One of which is the GranCarbio Folgore which might make its debut sometime this year, next up is a possible EV version of the Levante, and a battery version of the MC20, both are already said to be in the works.

This EV strategy comes as no surprise because the automaker has been competing and developing at the Formula E race league. These EVs are also slated to be the most powerful vehicles the brand has ever produced.

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