10 Car Care Tips for the everyday driver

It’s convenient having a car, getting from point A to point B without the hassle of falling in line waiting for a cab, squeezing into the bus — or worse walking from station to station because of an unreliable MRT. But owning a car, whether it be new or used, takes a lot of care to maintain its reliability. So we have compiled 10 car care tips to keep your car maintained.

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Wash your car at least once a week. Washing your vehicle will help keep it looking good, but also cleaning and waxing your vehicle can help your paint job well maintained as well. But make sure you are using the right materials when cleaning and waxing your car because sometimes cleaning your vehicle can lead to damages to your car’s paint job if done incorrectly. Waxing your car can help it to preserve your car’s color by slowing down its oxidation process by creating a wall against pollution and birds’ deposits.

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Sometimes being too picky when it comes to where you should park your car is hard since more often or not, most parking lots are full, but do keep in mind that choosing the right spot can save your car from a couple of things. Consider parking your vehicle outdoor when doing quick runs to a grocery store and that sort. But if you’re going to spend a little over two-hours or more, consider indoor parking spots. By doing this, it will prevent your car from being exposed to damaging substances, like trees that deposit sap, or birds waste, and other elements that cause damage to your paint job. And oh! Parking under the sun can also play a part in fading your cars paint over time.

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Engine oil has a significant role in keeping the engine running because this oil absorbs the heat and lubricates the engine. Sometimes engine oil breaks down and wears out. It can lead to car malfunction. That is why changing your car’s engine oil every 5,000-10,000kms is advisable, plus it also flushes the abrasive dirt and metal particles out of the engine which can help on prolonging its life — yes, it could cost a little bit of money, but it is worth the trade-off. Make sure to check your vehicles user manual on proper oil change and engine maintenance intervals.

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Cleaning the central part of your car can help it run much cooler than when it is dirty, plus keeping it clean enables you to check if there are leaks and service its components quickly. Cleaning your car’s engine can be done professionally or by yourself — make sure you won’t mess around with some of its parts like electrical wires and air intake. You can clean your car’s engine using an Engine Degreaser, spray it to the entire engine, let it soak for a period of time, then apply coats, and finally rinse with a water mist. Note that use only as little water as possible to not cause damage to your engine.

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One of the most common causes of accidents on the highway is a tire blowout, that’s why taking good care of your tires is extremely important. One of the best tricks of making these tires last longer is getting them rotated at least every 6,000 miles (approximately 9,000kms). Do take note that not all tires wear at the same rate, so by rotating both front and rear tires can help the rubber last a little longer. And also, check if your car’s front and back wheels are aligned; if not, it can cause steering problems and uneven wear, so you might want to consider having it having serviced by a professional.

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A dirty windshield can impair a drivers vision, that is why keeping it clean is highly recommended — not only the windshield but also the wipers. Also, check if they are damaged and need to be replaced. Damaged wipers can scratch your windshield, which can lead to a costly windshield replacement.

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These belts are located on your car’s engine. It is relatively cheap to replace this belt when needed, so when you see any of your cars belts wearing out, you might want to consider replacing them since when any of the belts fail,  it can lead to massive damage to the engine.


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Overheating can be a real pain, so you might want to consider frequently checking your car’s coolant reservoir to see if it is on the right level, if not, your vehicle probably has a leak. If you found any cracks in the hoses, those should be replaced, Checking often can prevent the engine from overheating which can lead to other engine problems.

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One of the most common scenes in the movie is when the protagonist is driving, then suddenly he/she cannot stop the car, which could potentially happen to any of us if we don’t check our breaks regularly. That is why checking your car’s brake pads and brake fluid reservoir before hitting the road is highly advisable. If you see leaks, you might want to have it checked.

And last but not least. The easiest one on this list

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Okay, so let’s say you are stuck in behind a traffic light, And when was the last time you hit the gas slowly after the stoplight turned green? Did you know that slowly accelerating when you begin your drive can help your engine prolong its life, and putting it to neutral while you are stuck in traffic can help your engine rest? Also, if you can avoid potholes on a bumpy road, do it, if not make sure to slow down safely so you don’t wear out your car’s suspension.

Be considerate of you car because less time in the shops for repairs means less money spent.

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